Code of Conduct

Anti-harassment policy and code of conduct

Anti-harassment personnel can be reached by phone, starting from 6pm of 28th of September all the way through to midnight of 30th. Anti-harassment team’s number is +358401583503 and you may contact via call, SMS or WhatsApp.

In the case we cannot answer your call, please use SMS, WhatsApp or contact form.

Contact form can be used to contact anti-harassment personnel, if you experience or witness harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Anti-harassment personnel can be contacted via email at before, during and after the event.

NGS is a public networking event which brings together attendees of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. NGS and its organizers want to provide everyone with a safe space and the best possible overall experience. Harassment or bullying of any kind or magnitude is not allowed. It is important to respect all attendees.

Examples of harassment include all inappropriate or unwanted behaviors, such as name-calling, insults, derogatory language or comments about someone’s gender or appearance, unsolicited or intrusive sexual comments and suggestions, unwelcome sexual advances, unwanted touching or other physical contact, stalking, aggressive or intimidating behavior. Every individual has their own personal boundaries and definitions what they experience as harassment – it should be respected.

Harassment can be both intentional and unintentional. A joke or a comment you find funny and innocent, can make someone feel uneasy or anxious. It is important to respect all attendees and their feelings. If anyone feels that your actions, behavior or words are inappropriate and/or if someone calls you out on it, apologize and stop immediately. Please note, repeated harassment or inappropriate behavior may result in your permanent removal from the event and the venue. 

When experiencing harassment, tell the perpetrator to stop if you can do so. You may ask the help of your friend or the group you are part of. If you witness something that might be harassment or someone is being harassed, do not hesitate to ask the people involved if everything is fine and if anyone needs help. All organizers and security personnel will help if needed. 

During the event, NGS’s anti-harassment team works to ensure our goal of safe space. Anti-harassment contact persons are trained volunteers who offer conversational help to all attendees. You may recognize us by our NGS-hoodies and light chains, and we are reachable by calling, SMS, WhatsApp, email and Contact Form.

The NGS organizers encourage people to report all cases of harassment to out anti-harassment team, whether or not we helped to resolve the situation. By reporting all incidents, you help us to build even better and safer event in the future!